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Welcome to Textile Styles

One Window Solutions

Offering a unique solution by merging ourselves into your company “Brand”, functioning as its retail operations. Our company manages everything from vendors to representation of your organization at various forums. In other words, we transform your production, procurement & different departments, saving you the cost of forming one. With this fusion, you don’t only attain the services of “a” company but relatively of all the best of what the industry has to propose!

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About Us

Textile Styles

We team up with clients to shape long-haul relationships with them so we can truly contribute towards the destiny of their business. Making brand greater and better through trend-building efforts.

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Our Services

Fashion & Textile

Procurement & Production

Retail Operations

Fashion Shoots

Stitching & Styling

Marketing & Merchandising

Our Skills

Enhancing Your Business

Enhancing your business is not just a choice; it’s a commitment to continual growth and innovation.


Sourcing & Supply Chain

Sourcing and supply chain services encompass procurement and logistics management to streamline the acquisition and distribution of goods for businesses


Online & Web Store

Online and web store services encompass solutions for creating, operating, and maintaining e-commerce platforms, enabling businesses to sell products and services online


Social Media

A social media services provider offers comprehensive solutions for managing and optimizing a brand's online presence and engagement across various social media platforms


Human Resources

HR services encompass functions like recruitment, payroll, and employee management to support and manage a company's workforce

Why Choose Us

Textiles Styles


Modern Process and Factory

A modern process retail consultant specializes in optimizing and improving retail operations through the implementation of contemporary strategies and technologies to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Professional Team and Staffs

Professional Consultant services involve the provision of expert advice and guidance to clients in various fields to address specific challenges or achieve specific goals.


24/7 Full Support

A “24/7 Full Support fashion and textile consultant” is a professional who provides round-the-clock assistance and expertise in the fashion and textile industry, offering guidance and solutions to clients’ needs and challenges.


Textile Styles Sourcing


Designing freelances” are independent professionals offering design services, like lawn or digital print design, on a project-by-project basis

Digital Printing

Outsourcing digital printing involves hiring external printing services to produce materials from digital files, offering cost-efficiency and expertise

Sublimation Printing

When outsourcing sublimation printing, research providers, request samples, evaluate pricing, and establish clear communication to ensure quality and reliability

Industrial Embroidery

Industrial embroidery utilizes high-speed machines to create intricate and durable designs on textiles for commercial and promotional applications


Schiffli is a type of industrial embroidery machine, often used for intricate and lace-like designs on fabrics, particularly in the textile and fashion industry

Stitching / CMT

Outsourcing CMT (Cut, Make, and Trim) services involves delegating specific garment production processes to third-party manufacturers

How we work

Bringing Ideas To Life !


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Clients & Reviews

"Working with Shaheryar in the apparel industry was a very positive experience, marked by their dedication, professionalism, and valuable contributions to our team."

M. Faizan Manager "Sana Safinaz"

"In the realm of retail operations, Shaheryar has been an indispensable asset, showcasing unwavering dedication, professionalism, and valuable contributions."

M Imran Manager "Iqbal Hussain"

"In fashion and textile product development, his design sense consistently elevates our brand's appeal and product quality, making him an invaluable asset."

Ubaid Raza HOD "Diners"

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Elevate Your Retail Operations with Our Expert Team

“Elevate your retail operations with our top-tier services; connect, get efficient, and enhance your retail success.”

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“A retail operations consultant optimizes and streamlines retail processes to enhance efficiency, customer experience, and profitability.”

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